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Terms and conditions of use of the www.everydayherotakesaction.com website (hereinafter the “Website”). Please carefully read the terms and conditions of use of this Website before accessing its content

This Website has been created to help distribute information on [Covid-19 and vaccination] in  Singapore ; therefore, its content is intended for residents of said country. 

By accessing and consulting the Website, or by registering as required, the Website user (hereinafter “User”) acknowledges and expressly accepts the terms and conditions of use that govern the Website, as well as other applicable laws in force, as set forth below (hereinafter “Terms and Conditions”). If you do not wish to accept the Terms and Conditions, you will not be able to access, consult and/or register with the Website. 

Pfizer reserves the right to review and update the Terms and Conditions and, as such Terms and Conditions are binding upon the User, the latter is expected to review them periodically and verify any updates. To this end, we invite the User to extract and store a copy of the Terms and Conditions. 

Pfizer may, in any case, notify through the Website any updates to the Terms and Conditions and/or other Website features that may affect the User’s browsing experience. 
  1. Ownership of Website 
    The owner of the www.everydayherotakesaction.com Website is Pfizer Singapore (hereinafter “Pfizer”). 
  2. Ownership of Website content and use by Users 
    All visible and non-visible components of this Website (including, but not limited to, texts, images, sounds, videos, graphics, trademarks, logos, audio-visual material, software etc., hereinafter collectively defined as “Content”), including any processing and updates thereof, are the exclusive property of Pfizer or companies belonging to the same group (hereinafter “Pfizer Group”) and/or licensed for Pfizer by third-party owners and/or licensees and is protected by legislation on intellectual and industrial property and, in particular, by current legislation on copyright protection. 

    Therefore, in accordance with applicable laws, any reproduction, including partial reproduction, modification or processing, assignment, distribution, disclosure or dissemination, by any means, without the prior written consent of the owner or the party exercising the related rights, is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these prohibitions shall result in the application of the penalties set forth by applicable law. In this regard, it is important to note that the regulations in force prohibit any unauthorised reproduction and the provision to the public (including file sharing) of works that are protected by copyrights, and that breach of said requirements will result in the application of the criminal penalties set forth by applicable legislation. 

    Any access to and, where expressly permitted, any use and reproduction of Website Content on any type of support may be made for personal use only, in accordance with the purposes of use allowed by the Website and provided that said access, reproduction and use are not intended for profit or commercial purposes, neither directly nor indirectly. As a matter of fact, the User is not entitled to any economic exploitation rights on the Content referred to on the Website, nor is he/she granted license on Pfizer’s Content or that of any other party. However, having made the Website Content available to the public does not constitute authorisation to use the Content in ways other than those expressly provided for by the Website and these Terms and Conditions. Much less does it constitute a waiver of the intellectual and industrial property rights as required by law. 

    Protection technology measures, consisting of devices and/or components intended to prevent or limit acts not authorised by the holder of rights, may be applied to the Content; electronic information may also be applied to the Content with regards to rights indicating the terms and conditions of use of the works and/or materials, the author of the work, or any other owner, as well as numbers or codes representing such information or other identifiers. 
  3. Nature and characteristics of the Website and its Content 
    Access to the Website is free of charge, without prejudice to the cost of connecting to the Internet, the amount of which varies from operator to operator and is the responsibility of the User. 

    The Website may contain information about diseases, health, fitness, lifestyle, medical background in general. This information is not intended to replace medical consultation and advice from a physician. The information contained on the Website or any linked site should not be used to diagnose any disease or physical disorder or to prescribe or use drugs.  

    It is appropriate to always consult a physician before making any decisions regarding one’s lifestyle or before starting or discontinuing treatment. Any information contained on this Website or any website linked to this Website should not lead Users to ignore the advice from their physician or delay medical consultation. 

    It is possible that opinions from experts may be posted regarding a specific section of the Website or that extracts of articles from the press may be posted. This information only reflects personal viewpoints and opinions expressed by the authors and does not necessarily reflect those of Pfizer’s. Pfizer is, therefore, not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of such information or opinions. 

    The Website is not intended to be used to report health problems, adverse events, or technical problems with a product or to request technical or medical information about the products indicated.

    If you have taken a Pfizer product and would like to report a suspect adverse reaction, you can contact [email protected] or contact +65 64038888 .

    Pfizer reserves the right to make changes, corrections, and improvements to any Website content at any time without prior notice. The periodic update and verification of this Website may result in the Website being temporarily inaccessible, or in some information and data not being updated, for which Pfizer disclaims any liability. 
    By using the Website, the User declares to be aware that it is technically impossible for the Website to function without any defect and remain accessible without any interruptions, and that the operation of the Website may be compromised by events and conditions that are independent of Pfizer control such as, for example, the availability of Internet connection. 
    Any financial information reported on the Website should in no case be considered an invitation to investment. It should not be construed as solicitation of business or public offer, and it does not constitute an offer of subscription, purchase or transaction relating to any title. 
  4. Limitations of liability by Pfizer 
    Pfizer - as well as every single Pfizer Group company - disclaims any and all liability relating to the use of the Website and its Content by Users and may, therefore, not be called upon to answer for any damages. In addition, notwithstanding any reasonable diligence, due care, attention and commitment dedicated to the creation and operation of this Website and its Content, Pfizer - as well as any individual Pfizer Group company - cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy and correctness of the Content, and the absence of any technical problems, thereby declining all liability. 
    Moreover, Pfizer - as well as any individual Pfizer Group company - shall not be responsible for any damage or virus that may affect the User’s computer equipment or other property as a result of accessing, using or browsing the Website or downloading the Website Content and, therefore, Pfizer cannot be called upon to answer for any damages. 
    In this regard, Pfizer invites Users to provide their updated antivirus software device to protect network transmission of data, whether inbound or outbound, and [ensure] that their Internet service provider has adopted firewalls and anti-spamming filters or appropriate security data transmission measures, as it is not possible to ensure that the security measures of the Website and the transmission of data and information on the Website restrict or exclude any risk of unauthorised access or Data dispersion. 
    Pfizer also reserves the right to terminate all or part of the access or functionality of the Website at any time without any liability on its part. 
    Search engines can automatically produce search results that reference information distributed anywhere in the world and accessible through the Internet. Pfizer, having no control over this information, cannot provide any guarantee on said information, particularly on its timeliness, content or quality. Pfizer also - as with the Pfizer Group companies - is not responsible if the results of a research or navigation on external websites or within the Website should lead to information or content that is deemed unwelcome or inconsistent with the purpose of the research. 
  5. Website User liability 
    Use of the Website and/or its Content in a manner that is not compliant with, or is in violation of, current legislation and/or these Terms and Conditions or for any purpose other than that of its own disclosure/information or that is recognised by Pfizer as appropriate or permitted, is strictly prohibited. 

    The User shall be responsible and shall hold Pfizer, Pfizer Group companies and any third parties, harmless against any claim and/or prejudice and/or direct and/or indirect damage and/or loss and/or cost arising from, and in connection with, any breach on the part of the User of applicable law and/or the Terms and Conditions, without prejudice to Pfizer’s right to exercise one’s rights, in compliance with the methods required by law, including criminal law, in all relevant locations. 
  6. Links to other websites 
    The Website may contain links and/or banners or other types of links (including social media) belonging to independent third parties.  
    However, even if these third parties are affiliated with Pfizer, the inclusion of said links on the Website does not imply Pfizer’s approval or control of said websites and their respective content, as these operate under their own terms and conditions, independently of Pfizer, with regard, for instance, to intellectual and industrial property rights, personal data collection, etc., and may not necessarily reflect Pfizer’s opinion. Therefore, Pfizer shall not be held responsible for the content referred to above, as well as its accuracy and compliance with current legislation, especially with regard to provisions governing the use of medicinal products for human use.  
    The reporting of these websites is only intended to provide an additional service for the exclusive benefit of the User; therefore, access to, and consultation of, these websites is under his/her sole and exclusive and responsibility. In particular, since the services offered through such websites and their content may require a fee, it is the User’s responsibility to carry out appropriate assessments before proceeding with any transaction, in order to determine whether or not a fee will be charged for the use of such services. In the event that Pfizer provides details on the pricing of services offered by third party websites, said details will be provided for information purposes only. Pfizer, therefore, assumes no responsibility for the truthfulness and/or legality and/or correctness of such information. 
  7. Protection of personal data 
    In relation to the processing of the User’s personal data, please refer to the Cookie Policy 
  8. Privacy.
    Pfizer respects the privacy of its Web site users. Please refer to https://privacycenter.pfizer.com/ that explains users' rights and responsibilities with respect to information that is disclosed on this Web site.
  9. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction 
    For any legal claim or proceeding relating to the Website and its Content, the law of Singapore is applicable, without prejudice to the provisions of private international law. Any disputes arising in connection with the interpretation, application and execution of these Terms and Conditions shall be deferred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Singapore, without prejudice to the provisions of applicable governing court law. 
  10. Trademarks. 
    All product names, whether or not appearing in large print or with the trademark symbol, are trademarks of Pfizer, its affiliates, related companies or its licensors or joint venture partners, unless otherwise noted. The use or misuse of these trademarks or any other materials, except as permitted herein, is expressly prohibited and may be in violation of copyright law, trademark law, unfair competition law, the law of slander and libel, the law of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and statutes. Please be advised that Pfizer actively and aggressively enforces its intellectual property rights to the fullest extent of the law.
  11. Copyrights.
    The entire contents of this Web site, except as otherwise marked, are subject to copyright protection and are Copyright © 2022 Pfizer Inc. The contents of Pfizer Web sites may not be copied, recopied, reproduced or otherwise redistributed. Except as expressly provided in the website, you may not otherwise copy, display, download, distribute, modify, reproduce, republish or retransmit any information, text, images, artwork or documents contained in this Web site or any portion thereof in any electronic medium or in hard copy, or create any derivative work based on such images, text or documents, without the express written consent of Pfizer. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as conferring by implication, estoppel or otherwise any license or right under any patent or trademark of Pfizer, or any third party.

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